"I must [take] a moment to single out some wonderful and creative solo segments by a young pianist named of Tamir Hendelman. It was a satisfying but strange feeling to...hear a new young voice make some exhilarating and thoughtful solos in the spaces that I used to occupy in those pieces. ...I look forward to hearing more from him."
- Oscar Peterson's Personal Journal, Full Article

"Hendelman played with a fullness of content and intensity, bringing new presentations of tunes. Not a fixed position player, Hendelman wears off the ivory over the entire keyboard. The trio yielded a magnificent product, well worthy of repeated listening."
- Harvey Barkan, LA Jazz Scene (Jul 2003), Full Article

"His playing... was so sensitive, introspective and captivating, that you could literally hear a pin drop in an audience of some 500 people."
- Fred Eckstein, LA Jazz Scene (Oct 2000), Full Article

"Hendelman's playing is firmly in the tradition of Peterson and Green, particularly in regard to its strength and swing, but his touch and use of dynamics... displayed an individual dimension of his talent that warrants greater exposure."
- Doug Ramsey, JazzTimes.com (Apr 12 2001), Full Article

"Pianist Tamir Hendelman stands out for the synthesis of his jazz concept with his strong Brazilian chops."
- Patricia Albella, LA Jazz Scene (March 2001), Full Article

"...the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra delivered a characteristically hard-swinging set, with first-rate soloing from... new pianist Tamir Hendelman."
- Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times Jazz Review, Full Article

"...not only did he execute the difficult patterns flawlessly- especially in the mind-boggling sixth movement- he faithfully replicated Peterson's feather-light touch."
- Richard S. Ginell, Daily Variety (Aug 24 2001), Full Article

"...taking honors... the versatile and valuable pianist Tamir Hendelman, a name that will be much better-known in the future."
- Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene (Dec 1998), Full Article

"Hendelman and [Dean] Koba showed considerable sympathy for the [Dee Daniels’] involved style. [John] Clayton’s sense of pulse and ability to play counter-melodies gave the singer a broad base from which to work. In a medley, Clayton’s bowed "Nature Boy" solo framed the romantic "Island," a sunny piece that featured warm Hendelman improvisation."
- Bill Kohlhaase, Los Angeles Times (Jun 1998), Full Article

"The [Jeff Hamilton] trio took a fast-paced, convoluted path through Monkís difficult "Rhythm-n-ning." Tamir Hendelman hammered out single-not piano runs and deftly shifted directions, then Hamilton abruptly changed tempos during a furious solo on brushes."
- Tom Ineck, Berman Music Foundation (2002, Full Article

"...'The Peacocks' gemeinsam mit Tamir Hendelman am Bösendorfer, das allein hätte schon gereicht um das Publikum zu begeistern. ...Hendelman streut in tauglänzender Frische zart knospende Kirschblüten auf die Klaviatur."
- Dr. Tobias Böcker, Full Article