Tamir's Resonance Records debut,
Destinations, featuring Marco Panscia on bass
and Lewis Nash on drums,
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  Playground, featuring John Clayton on bass
and Jeff Hamilton on drums is also available.
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  • 2/16 Tierney & Tamir in Greeley, CO
  • Tierney Sutton and Tamir Hendelman perform at the Peakview Jazz series, Greeley. Panorama Room, Univ of Northern Colorado.

  • 2/17 Tierney & Tamir at Dazzle, Denver
  • Tierney Sutton and Tamir Hendelman perform two shows at Dazzle in Denver.

  • 2/24 Jule Styne Workshop
  • Instrumentalists and vocalists welcome. We will explore Jule Styne songs. Email tamir@tamirhendelman.com for more info.

  • 2/29 The Jeff Hamilton Trio at Greensville PAC.
  • On 3/1, the Jeff Hamilton Trio perform in Greensville SC at the Fine Arts Center.

  • 3/2 Jeff Hamilton Trio at Nashville Jazz Workshop
  • The Jeff Hamilton Trio returns to the Nashville Jazz Workshop in its new home.

  • 3/9 Jeff Hamilton Trio @ Spokane, WA
  • The Jeff Hamilton Trio performs with the Spokane Jazz Orchestra at this historic theater.

  • 3/15-16 Tierney&Tamir: Jazz Forum, Tarrytown NY
  • Tierney Sutton & Tamir Hendelman return to the Jazz Forum for “Spring Is Here.” Celebrate Spring with songs by Jobim, Rodgers and Hart, Paul Simon and more.

  • 3/18 @ 8:30pm: Tamir workshop, Indiana Univ
  • Tamir Hendelman presents a workshop at Indiana University.

  • 3/19/24 Tamir with U Indy jazz faculty
  • Tamir Hendelman is featured with the faculty of U Indy at the CDFAC- Ruth Lily Performance Hall.

  • 3/20 @ 8pm: Ball State University workshop
  • Tamir Hendelman workshop at Ball State University.

  • 3/23 Tamir at MTSU Illinois Jacquet Jazz Fest
  • Tamir Hendelman visits MTSU Illinois Jacquet Jazz Fest and performs with the MTSU Jazz Orchestra. 3pm workshop and 5:30pm concert.

  • 3/24 Tamir solo concert: Belmont Univ., Nashville
  • Tamir Hendelman performs a solo program at Belmont University McAfee Concert Hall at 2pm.

  • 3/25 Tamir Hendelman w/J.Allen,S.Dobbins, IU
  • Tamir Hendelman performs a trio concert with Jeremy Allen and Sean Dobbins.

  • 3/26 Butler University afternoon workshop
  • Tamir Hendelman workshop at Butler University.

  • 3/28/24 Center Stage Theatre concert,Santa Barbara
  • Tamir Hendelman performs with vocalist the Miriam Dance and Santino Tafarella quartet.

  • 3/30/24 Harold Arlen Workshop
  • 9:30am-12:30pm. Instrumentalists and vocalists welcome. We will explore Harold Arlen songs. Email tamir@tamirhendelman.com for more info.

  • April 7-13, 2024: Dexter Gordon tribute, Israel
  • April 7-13: Midnight Saxophone: Ralph Moore & Tamir Hendelman Quintet. Dexter Gordon Centennial Israel Tour Feat. Gregory Rivkin, Shay Zelman and Assaf Hakimi: 4/7-13 (see below.)

  • 4/19/24 CHJO @ Greeley Jazz Fest, Colorado
  • The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra comes to Greeley Jazz Festival.

  • 4/28 @ 2pm: Tierney & Tamir: L.O.V.E. (Long Beach)
  • Olive Jazz (Long Beach home concert.) See calendar page for more details.

  • 5/10 Tierney Sutton & Tamir: Spring (Cincinnati)
  • Tierney and Tamir come to Cincinnati for an evening at Caffe Vivace.

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    Tamir's Next Gigs:

    2/23: Jeff Hamilton Trio and Duke University Jazz Ens @ Duke University Baldwin Auditorium, Durham
    2/24: Jule Styne Music Workshop @ Tamir- Tarzana Home studio (online or in person)
    Jeff Hamilton Trio Residency @ The Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC
    2/29: Jeff Hamilton Trio @ The Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC
    3/02: Jeff Hamilton Trio @ Nashville Jazz Workshop
    3/09: Jeff Hamilton Trio and the Spokane Jazz Orchestra @ Bing Crosby Theater, Spokane, WA
    Tierney Sutton & Tamir Hendelman: Spring @ Jazz Forum, Tarrytown, New York
    3/17: Tierney Sutton & Tamir (private, Long Island) @ Private Concert (Long Island, NY)
    3/18: Tamir Hendelman Workshop @ Indiana University
    3/19: Tamir Hendelman and U Indy Jazz Faculty in concert @ CDFAC- Ruth Lily Performance Hall, U Indy

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