Tamir's Resonance Records debut,
Destinations, featuring Marco Panscia on bass
and Lewis Nash on drums,
Own it now.
  Playground, featuring John Clayton on bass
and Jeff Hamilton on drums is also available.
Own it now..

  • Tamir at Home-streaming series: solos and duo
  • This spring Tamir Hendelman presents a series of Saturday evening streaming solo piano sets at 6pm: Tamir at Home, and every two weeks on Tuesday a duo series at 6pm. Tamir at Home. Join Tamir for tributes to artists such as Frank Loesser and Bud and duos with Jeff Hamilton, Tierney Sutton and more.

  • 6/18-14: Larry Koonse & Tamir's Duo Stream
  • RSVP for Tue-Sun. 6/8-14 @ 6pm PT: Guitarist Larry Koonse joins Tamir for a set of originals, standards and surprises.

  • Tue 6/1 Larry Koonse duo with Tamir
  • RSVP for Tue.. 6/1 @ 6pm PT: Guitarist Larry Koonse joins Tamir for a set of originals, standards and surprises.

  • Sat. 6/12 John Coltrane tribute- solo set
  • RSVP for Sat. 6/12 @ 6pm PT: Tribute to saxophonist/composer John Coltrane

  • Tue.-Fri. 6/15-18 Katie Thiroux & Tamir Duo
  • RSVP for 6/15-18 duo stream with bassist/vocalist Katie Thiroux. Porter, Gershwin and more.

  • Sat.-Wed. 6/19-23 Henry Mancini Tribute
  • RSVP for 6/19-25 Henry Mancini solo tribute stream.

  • Sat-Sun 6/26-27 Mary Lou Williams Tribute-solo set
  • RSVP for 6/26-27 Mary Lou Williams solo tribute stream.

  • RSVP 6/29 Jeff Hamilton Trio- Great American Songs
  • Join the Jeff Hamilton Trio as it performs a special set dedicated to the Great American Songbook.

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    Tamir's Next Gigs:

    Tamir Hendelman solo-Mary Lou Williams tribute @ Tamir at Home- online concert series
    6/29: Jeff Hamilton Trio: the Great American Songbook @ Tamir at Home- online concert series
    Jeff Hamilton Trio @ Vail Jazz Festival

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